Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What kind of experience or background is necessary to become a home inspector?
Some experience in the construction industry is helpful but not required. We have trained people with all sorts of backgrounds to become sucessful home inspectors. If you have a natural curiosity about how things work and are passionate about houses - that helps. A high school diploma is the only minimum requirement.
Do other states have "reciprocity" with Florida for home inspector licensing?
Every state has different licensing parameters. You would have to check with the state in questio. There are still some states that do not license home inspectors.
After I obtain a home inspectors license are there additional training requirements before I can perform home inspections?
The only requirement is for "Continuing Education" (14 hours every two years). The continuing education has to be completed prior to the renewal of licenses in a two year cycle. You may wish to add other specialties (such as Mold, Radon, lead paint, Infrared thermography) to your services. If so, additional training and certification may be required.
How much can I make as a home inspector?
It is not possible to answer this question, so much depends on intangibles such as how hard you are willing to work.
What is the most important thing I should do to be a sucessful home inspector?
Without a doubt, the most important thing is to develop a sound business plan, revise it quarterly or semi-annually, and follow it without fail.
Are there any options available for financial assistance for the Home inspector 120 hour pre-license course?
Financial assistance is available form a variety of sources. These range from private grants to government assistance (Federal, such as VA & State, such as WorkForce). It is up to you to seek them out and meet the qualifications.
Can I expect to get some help with job placement after I complete the course and obtain my Florida license?
We are routinely contacted by home inspection firms throughout the State of Florida who are seeking to hire newly licensed inspectors. (See our "Home inspector and business partner page"). We are pleased to refer our students to these firms.

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