Real Estate Investor Training

A Seminar for Real Estate Buyers ( 7 Hours )

"The Re-sale House – Separating the Gems From The Dogs"

Hour 1 – The Professional Inspector and the Investor –

What an inspection can and cannot do. When to hire a professional and when to “Do it Yourself”. Using the inspection report to your advantage.

Hour 2 – The Inspection Process – Finding defects in structure -

Termites, water damage, foundation problems, trusses. How to determine what’s fixable and what’s not.

Hour 3 – The Inspection Process –  Roofing Materials and life expectancy.

How to find problems and estimate remaining life. When to repair and when to replace. Estimating repair and replacement costs.

Hour 4 - The Inspection Process –  Electric Systems – There are no minor deficiencies.

Determining adequate service, identifying amateur workmanship, and simple fixes versus when you need an electrician.

Hour 5 - The Inspection Process -  Air Conditioning & Heating – Simple rules for sizing and operational checks.

The overlooked duct system. When to replace systems and estimating replacement costs.

Hour 6 – The Inspection Process – Plumbing –

Drips, leaks, and squirts; which ones are important. Simple checks for major plumbing problems. Checking shower pans and shower and bathtub tiles.

Hour 7 – Stigmatized materials and stigmatized houses –

Dealing with Aluminum wiring, polybutylene plumbing, hardboard siding, Fire Retardant Treated Plywood, Greenboard tile backerboard, Plastic covered air conditioning duct, mold, radon, & lead paint.

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